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Part of the Lindenwood University Certificate in Culturally Responsive Assessment Speaker Series

Facilitator: Dr. Divya Bheda

Description: The premise of Dr. Bheda’s webinar is the foundational question: How can faculty engage in culturally responsive assessment if they do not know the culture(s) they are trying to be responsive to? How can we achieve equity if we cannot see inequity? How can we engage our students in learning when we do not know all the factor(s) impacting their learning? Through the ideas, theories, and concepts presented in this webinar, you will understand the role you can play in engaging students authentically, enabling their success meaningfully, and impacting their learning profoundly.

About the facilitator: Dr. Divya Bheda is a higher education consultant who has over a decade of experience in leading program evaluations, assessments, and social justice training. She has experience championing continuous improvement and learning outcomes assessment that enables authentic engagement and deep learning. Her curricular-assessment-evaluation work has spanned general education, higher education administrative units, academic programs and certificates, and student support services. She has experience in online, and brick and mortar educational contexts and has expertise in building organizational responsiveness, catalyzing curricular and pedagogical innovation, advocating for equity and social justice issues, and enhancing student success. She approaches data, strategic-planning, and decision-making using a formative, utilization-focused, equity-building lens.

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